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I discovered Bonsai trees in 1991for chance and began to get interested as a self-trained with the helps of some books.
I joined the club "Bonsai club Laudense" and developed my experience with the master Renato Dal Toso.
In 1993 I made the knowledge of the family Crespi and some of the most renowed Japanese masters.
In 1998 I met Salvatore Liporace and attended several workshops in his laboratory "Studio Botanico".
I attended several Workshops with European and Japanese masters.
I attended the most renowed national and international exhibitions winning several prizes.
Since 1999 I am in charge of manage the Piemonte-Lombardia bonsai association.
Since 2002 I became expert in Shitakusa and Kusamono and organize several workshops and demonstrations in various clubs.
Since 2003 I make pots for shoin, bonsai, shitakusa and kusamono.

I am in charge to manage the Piemonte-Lombardia bonsai association activities , to know the purpose and all the other information about the association, please visit our website: http://www.coordbonsai.it

If you have any interest in joining the association or if you need any further clarification, don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I'll be glad to answer you. Everyone who is interested in visiting my garden to take a look at my collection and have some opinion exchange will be warmly welcome.

Making Bon-sai trees can change your way of life.


Critical attitude toward: - beauty - shape - balance

PATIENCE and HUMILITY are two of the necessary qualities.

An acceptable Bon-sai tree could not be made in few minutes. For REALIZING a Bon-sai you will need a few years.

To make it PERFECT you will need the whole life. As for all the form of art, it is an illusion and it will require a right combination among:


in order that Bon-sai is the artist representation of the tree perception.

All these qualities need time to become fine, but with constant practice and good bases this process can be shortened.